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Ermington Primary School

Ermington Primary School


The Humanities (History, Geography, Religion and World Views)

From May 2023, we are very excited to be working with Opening Worlds and Haringey Educational Partnership. Ermington Primary School, alongside our other WeST schools are working together and introducing a new Humanities curriculum through Opening Worlds. The aim is to develop, enrich and broaden our children's experiences of history, geography and RE. We are using the ‘Opening Worlds’ Humanities Curriculum where our History, Geography and RE sessions are slowly transitioning.  All of KS2 will be following this approach however, it will take 3 years to fully embed the whole of the curriculum content. 

Opening Worlds is a knowledge-rich humanities programme for teaching history, geography and religion in Years 3 to 6.  It was first launched in 2019 by Christine Counsell and Steve Mastin, in association with Haringey Education Partnership (HEP). 

See the Opening Worlds website for more information at KS2 Curriculum - Opening Worlds